Multi-core Processors Technology in Mobile Phones


Multi-Core Processors for mobile phones is seems to be a future technology. I believe, it not so long ago that state of the art for processors in portable devices was the 206 MHz Intel StrongARM processor. While you can find mobile phones today with processor speeds ranging from 300 Mhz to 600 Mhz, and the newest Android phones have processor speeds at 1 GHz. When you think about it in terms of battery life and heat dissipation, the processor speeds in today’s mobile phones are astounding.

intel quad core processor1 150x150Ed Hansberry writes that we haven’t seen anything yet, as Qualcomm and Texas Instruments are both working on multi-core processors for mobile phones. What I find most interesting in Ed’s excellent article is that the reason for the switch to multi-core may be to extend battery life rather than increased processing power. so its about increasing battery life not about Processing Power. Other great advantages are that, Multi-core chips have less circuitry, making them more power efficient, and the operating system can be optimized to turn one of the cores off when it is not needed.

But I think something pretty obvious from Ed’s article, is that ‘the innovation in computer engineering today is focusing on mobile devices, and as the industry as a whole puts more focus on mobile’ I think we are going to see even greater things. There is a reason, after all, why Apple has decided to design their own processors. Don’t worry it will be takes to long, After all it is a future mobiles technology.